Marine Simulators
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#Marine is a division of Hash Technologies Pvt Ltd, dealing exclusively in developing technology-based solutions for the Maritime industry

Today’s shipboard activity is way different from that of a few decades ago. The captains who navigated unerringly with a vernier sextant, a corrected chronometer, and a nautical almanac are now equipped with electronic and computerized new-aids and bridge instrumentation. The merchant ships were navigated with equipment that had not seen fundamental change since last 300 years. But in the last twenty years there had been a great revolution in the maritime world.

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Electronics has spread its tentacles in to every sphere of the modern vessels. Nearly all machinery, propelling auxiliary and lifting, navigational equipment, communication equipment and monitoring and testing instruments have electronics embedded. A modern officer on the watch of a ship has to learn and handle the latest and sophisticated GPS, Radar, ARPA, EPIRB, NavTex, and SART transponder. Technology advancement has empowered seafarers with more sophisticated and accurate navigation aids. On one hand it has made their life easy, but on the other hand has thrown open a lot of new and continuously evolving equipment and aids that has re-defined new and improved navigation procedures, controls and processes. Shipping is a mission-critical process and seafarers, who are the core element of this process, needs continuous training and upgradation of their skill-sets. It is therefore a major requirement for the Maritime Industry of India to enhance and modify the training pattern in effect today.

At #Marine we are continuously working on cutting edge technologies in the area of marine simulators, computerization of ships and applications for maritime industry. Our mission is to supply educational schools with cost-effective practical equipment & tools and their operational procedures that empower the instructors in their mission to improve the quality of training. Renowned Indian Master Mariners and Chief Engineers are continuously guiding and supervising our team to create fully indigenous world-class simulators.


The following Simulators are successfully running in various Institutes across India and abroad

  • GMDSS Simulator
  • Radar / Arpa Simulator
  • Visual Steering Simulator
  • Bridge Team Management
  • Basic ROR for Cadets
  • Radar Navigation (RANSCO) Simulator
  • Engine Room Simulator
  • Full Mission Officer of the Watch (OOW) Simulator
  • Berth Management system